Ob Session (full album)



De-Light actively wrote songs and performed them live in early 2000s when the band members were students of Novosibirsk State University (and some years later), and the most of the songs were created in the campus life atmosphere – energetic, intellectual, emotional.

We decided to release this album under that original band name and call it Ob Session – this wordplay reflects the geographic location (river Ob) and the spirit of those days.

The cover art resembles stained glass windows of the university building, the album itself contains a power metal cover of “На Пирогова” (“Na Pirogova”) – an unofficial anthem of NSU.

Like the stained glass mosaic, the tracks which all belong to different sub-genres, are united into one colorful rock soundscape.

Dmitry Beloglazov – lead vocals, guitars
Alexander Rassokhin – guitars, backing vocals
Evgeniy Odnoval – bass
Irina Lobareva – keyboards
Evgeniy Radchenko – drums

Music by Dmitry Beloglazov
Lyrics by Dmitry Beloglazov
Lyrics assistance: Alexander Rassokhin, Susan Markle, Jane Sullivan.

Album recording
Dmitry Beloglazov – lead vocals, rhythm & solo guitars, keyboards, synths, orchestra
Alexander Rassokhin – backing vocals, solo guitars
Evgeniy Odnoval – bass
Evgeniy Radchenko – drums (“Away Alive”, “Озари Мой Путь”, “Set This Road on Fire”)
Alex Saburov – drums (“Land of Flames”, “Show Me the Way”)
Vyacheslav Mikhaylenko – drums (“Mephisto’s Play”, “На Пирогова”, “Heart-Shaped Box”)
Taisiya Pogozhikh – vocals (Show Me the Way)
Maria Timkina – vocals (Land of Flames)
Svetlana Tissen, Kristina Durmanova – backing vocals
Daniel Radin – cello

Recording: Roman Kurochkin, Dmitry Beloglazov
Mixing: Dmitry Beloglazov (except for Away Alive, Set This Road on Fire)
Mastering: Dmitry Beloglazov

Album Art
Dmitry Beloglazov – art concept, editing
Yuliya Arzamastseva – graphics
Valeria Kelie – editing assistance
Original De-Light logo concept by Irina Lobareva.