About us

We started out in 2005 under the name of De-Light. During the first few years we won multiple local titles and awards in our hometown of Novosibirsk (Russia), but never tried to go professional. In 2012 everybody decided to focus on their personal lives and careers, and Chains of Sanity effectively became a studio project.

Since then we’ve been meeting every few months to improve lyrics, compose orchestral arrangements, do recordings, etc. And now, after six more years, we’re excited to start releasing all these beautiful things that we’ve made. The first two singles were released under the name of “Chains of Delight”, the album was released under our original name “De-Light”. In 2019 we found our current name Chains of Sanity and got back to live gigging!


Chains of Sanity, Netherlands

Chains of Sanity, Siberia